Optimize packaging

June 27, 2018  |  Got questions about this?

Reoccurring quality claims on broken goods? Let us help you understand the goods real environment and work to get an optimized packaging solution in place.

There are numerous of industries shipping hi-tech, sensitive products for a global market where logistics is very complex. Extensive packaging is a good way to minimize re-occurring quality claims due to shipping damages, but on the other hand a shipping products in overambitious packaging drives costs and adds waste in terms of man hours spent packaging and unpacking products. Last but not least bulky packaging also drive shipping costs and puts an extra burden on the CO2 footprint.

Optimizing global transports

The globalization trend where companies are consolidated and product assembly might be spread all over the world is led by the vehicle industry. This industry is also the driving force for packaging products where the packaging ensures that components are safely delivered for assembly all over the world.

When components are sent from one factory in one place for assembly in another part of the world we often find that return logistics is already in place for the packaging. When the same company is in control both at the sending and receiving end it simplifies the implementation of gateways that automatically synchronize loggers.

Loggers that arrive at the receiving end are easily collected and returned to the sending side together as part of the packaging solution. This is a perfect match for continuous improvements programs using the CargoBeacon platform to provide facts around shipping and the product environment. Key Performance Indicator based on this data can be customized on a per-project basis and visualized using the CargoBeacon external dashboard for concerned ware-house staffing and employees working in logistics.

When it comes to the design, supply and optimization of packaging we take use of reliable parters. In our network we have Nefab, the world leading supplier of complete industrial packaging solutions, and they would be our preferred partner to work with for customers in the industrial segment.

What could be expected?

The expected result from this type of project would be to gain control of the amount of damaged goods. By control we mean that the acceptable amount of damaged goods would be highly dependent on the type of product being shipped. I.e. low volume, high valued products might have a zero acceptance for damages while lower valued products running high volumes might accept some occurrences of damage.

After all, while staying in control with facts on the table liability issues becomes less problematic. Also by visualizing the improvement on an external dashboard it can be expected that employees and personell becomes more driven to work with and engage in the systematic quality work to optimize packaging.