Minimize food waste

June 27, 2018  |  Got questions about this?

1.3 billion tonnes of food is lost annually! How do we solve this?

Roughly seven billion people lives on mother Earth and the population is growing by 77 million every year. That’s a country the size of Russia every two years and by 2050 we will be 9 billion people will live on our planet. Imagine all the food mankind that has been produced over the past 8,000 years. Now consider that we need to produce that same amount again — but in just the next 50 years if we are to feed our growing and hungry world. This is actually where we stand right now.

One of the bigger concerns is to fight the waste of food during transport. 30% of all food produced is actually lost or wasted and the major part of these losses happens before retail. This is where solutions like CargoBeacon play an important role both today and for the future.

CargoBeacon comes into play

The good news is that monitoring of the quality of goods does not only allow some of these problems to be resolved – it also opens up new possibilities for logistics management and storage. As CargoBeacon loggers are low cost and smart phone compatible they are very well suited for use and deployment also in developing regions of the world.

With the flexible gateway solutions from CargoBeacon we enable both “local heroes” and new entrants among the Local Service Providers for developing regions. CargoBeacon loggers combined with our gateway solution enables information about the goods in transit to be reported to the portal. This can be information about environmental conditions, location, transportation routes, events such as excessive shock or tilt wich is important for high value fruits, stop-overs, re-loading or co-loading events, shipment tampering and transit time.

What can be expected

After implementing a solution based on CargoBeacon customers can benefit from being able to react quickly and, if there has been a loss of quality, order new goods in a timely manner. Previously, customers would discover they had unusable goods only when the shipment had arrived in port. Logistical processes are thereby becoming less prone to error and much more agile. With smart logistics customers can expect decrease in product losses with about 30 percent. In the long run another big gain is expected; as quality of goods is constantly monitored enabling facts on the table and continuous improvements to be properly implemented.

Want to know more?

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