Yumi CargoBeacon


We provide you with the hardware required to solve your challenges and deliver a complete solution. If there is existing hardware we can kit and configure it for you before delivery. If a custom solution is required we will develop and produce what is needed.

We have the operational knowledge and capabilities to deliver devices needed to provide you the required data. The CargoBeacon information platform has the central role and sensor based devices are provided as needed, using unique article numbers that describe products adapted for your use.

We believe in a collaborative world, not only when it comes to business and collaborating around the best solution. We also believe in a collaborative production where robots assist our workers to assemble units in high volumes, while maintaining high quality and minimized cost.

In fact, our devices have been specifically designed to facilitate quick and automated assembly and we have already done a thesis project looking into assembly of CargoBeacon XM using ABB Yumi. Yumi is a collaborative robot well suited for assembly of small products – perfect for the electronics industry. In our network there are people specialized in production of electronics using ABB Yumi. After the thesis we know there are not no technical concerns remaining but rather is a question of volumes and yet we have not reached the volumes required for profitable production with collaborative robots.