Design matters. Design affects everything from usability to unit cost and communication capabilities to existing systems.

Design includes all that is required to succeed in an IoT venture from product prototypes to global rollout. In our team and network, we have the resources required to succeed. If a special solution needs to be developed for your specific needs, we are there for you to assist so that we together can design, or redesign, everything from first prototypes to serial devices. We understand that the requirements imposed on a particular IoT solution also define its hardware design. This affects the unit cost which in turn is one of the corner stones to keep low in order to succeed with the project.

Today, we’ve designed everything from hardware, portal services and APIs in the way we think best suits most customers – have you evaluated it and might be in need of something else? Do not hesitate to get in touch!




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Olov Hisved, CargoBeacon AB

Olov Hisved