We are here for you. From initial discussions to delivering the solution needed to digitalize, automate and improve your logistics and operations.
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Digitizing value chains

CargoBeacon makes Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) available to more, using innovative and affordable technology.
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Provide us with your pains, involve us from the beginning and let's work together to define the problem, refine a solution and solve the problem together on a project basis.
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We provide you with the hardware required to solve your challenges and deliver a complete solution. If there is existing hardware we can kit and configure it for you before delivery. If a custom solution is required we will develop and produce what is needed.
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Design matters. Design affects everything from usability to unit cost and communication capabilities to existing systems.
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General information and sales:
Phone: +46 (0)70 270 98 09

Visiting address:
Norra Ösavägen 11 A
822 22 Alfta, Sweden

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