CargoBeacon® XM

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CargoBeacon is the new generation freight data logger, designed to monitor and ensure the quality of your deliveries. CargoBeacon is based on the latest mobile technology which enables a cost-effective HW design, meaning you can afford monitoring the majority of your products in transit. Want to try? Get your starter kit today.

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Based on the latest mobile and cellular technologies, CargoBeacon monitors temperature, humidity and shock/motion during transport. This highly cost-effective solution makes it easier than ever knowing your goods expected condition on arrival – without having to break open the packaging. Simply attach the CargoBeacon using screws, double adhesive or straps, activate it and off it goes!

During transport, environmental data is continuously recorded, along with a time stamp. Its data is synchronized to the globally available CargoBeacon Portal, either manually using the CargoBeacon smartphone App or automatically using CargoBeacon HE – our high-end logger/gateway. With CargoBeacon HE permanently mounted in the carrier or in the goods arrival hall, you will get an industrial, maintenance free synchronization of logger data.


Industry 4.0 practices in logistics and monitoring valuable or fragile goods such as industrial products, computers, electronics, engines, machines and more…

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Olov Hisved, CargoBeacon AB

Olov Hisved



Technical specifications


Battery life: 1 Year CR2477 1000mAh

Material: Polypropylene

Operating Environment: -40°C to +85°C , 0 % RH to 100 % RH non-condensing

IP class: IP41

Approvals: CE, FCC


Acceleration Measurement Range: +-16 g

Channels: 3-axis

Sensitivity: 192 mg

Accuracy: Sensitivity change vs. temperature ±0.01 %/°C. Typical zero-g level offset accuracy ±40 mg


Range: -40°C to +85°C

Accuracy: ± 0.5°C, 15 to +40°C ± 1°C, 0 to +60°C


Range: 0 % RH to 100 % RH

Accuracy: ± 4.5 % rH, 20 to +80 % rH. ± 6 % rH otherwise


Version: 5.0 Bluetooth® smart

Range: Class2 <10m

Type: BLE – Bluetooth® Low Energy

Dimensions (mm)

Module (WxHxD): 40x40x18

Mounting plate (WxHxD): 60x40x3

Screw holes (Ø): 6