CargoBeacon® XL

March 14, 2018  |  Got questions about this?

CargoBeacon XL is a new generation freight data logger – maintenance free and designed to accurately locate, monitor and secure the quality of valuable goods in transit.

Data sheet (pdf)

Based on the latest mobile and Internet of Things technologies, Cargo­Beacon XLs monitors temperature, and shock/motion during transport, along with current position. This high-end solution makes it easier than ever knowing your goods exact time of arrival and its expected condition. Simply attach it to your product or its load carrier, activate and off it goes!

During transport, environmental data is continuously recorded, along with a time stamp and position, which is continuously synced to the globally available CargoBeacon Portal, using its built-in modem.

CargoBeacon XLs is the ideal asset management solution, specifically developed for logistics use. Forget complex SIM-card subscriptions, battery charging and troublesome logger return procedures. CargoBeacon XLs covers it all. It handles backend subscription management and provides optional return logistics services. CargoBeacon XLs allows up to a year of mainte­­nance free operation, sending the portal its position and status, 24/7.


  • Beacon short range
  • Temperature
  • Position via gateway
  • Event monitoring with time stamp and alarm
  • Store environmental data
  • Software upgrade
  • Acceleration
  • Beacon long range
  • Positioning (GPS)
  • Positioning (Wlan)
  • Indoor positioning


Valuable or fragile industrial products, Cold chain transports, Medical transports, theft production, Just-In-Time deliveries and more …