CargoBeacon® LB

March 14, 2018  |  Got questions about this?

Beacon loggers for really high volumes? With low weight in label format it's just about attaching a sticker to activate your CargoBeacon logger.

When discussing beacons in the context of seamless logistics it is very much about automating processes and positioning goods in high volumes. There are several different options for producing high-volume beacon loggers at low cost. One of the more interesting options is to use printed electronics. Printed electronics does not only permit to the product extremely thin, but several types of components can also be implemented in an environmentally friendly manner with this technique.

There are about a handful of design houses around the world that work with printed electronics and can realize this. One of those who can realize this, and furthermore is at the forefront of this area, is located in Sweden with whom we have good relationships and ongoing discussions. Do you want to know more? Contact us to discuss beacon loggers in printed electronics.