CargoBeacon® App

March 14, 2018  |  Got questions about this?

The CargoBeacon App is your interface between the CargoBeacon Logger and the CargoBeacon Portal. It presents and transmits environmental data from the logger to the portal, manually or auto­matically.

Administrate your shipments

The CargoBeacon App makes it super easy to administrate your shipments:

  • The sender activates the logger using the app and thereby starting a “new shipment”.
  • On arrival the receiver synchronizes all data using the app, making all records available on the app and on the CargoBeacon Portal.
  • Any abnormalities are reported automatically with a timestamp and detailed information, making it easy to detect where in the logistics chain the problem occurred.

Change settings

The CargoBeacon Logger ships with settings optimized for monitoring cargo transportation. However, using the app, you can easily change these settings in order to optimize it for your specific goods or environment.

Some feature may or may not be available to you depending on your specific user permissions or your company’s subscription model.

Use it as a gateway

For permanent installations the app can be configured in gateway mode. This means the app is continuously monitoring for nearby CargoBeacon Loggers. Loggers with new data will automatically be synchronized to the portal side together with location information. With gateways in cargo compartments or along the way, near real time information is provided – and it does not only give pre information about the goods condition but it also provide its exact location!