CargoBeacon® 120

CargoBeacon 120 was designed for use in harsh environments. It utilize ultrasonic sound to measure the distance to objects in front of it. The sensing element sends a sound wave and based on the time it takes for the echo to reach back the distance is determined. This distance is regularly sent to the portal and the measure is translated to a degree of filling in percent as the container dimensions are specified on the portal side.

On the portal page the sensors' placement and fill level are illustrated in a map view. By working with thresholds values ​all vessels that have over i.e. 70 percent fill-level are marked. The embedded route planning then suggests the shortest route for collecting marked vessels.

Return On Investment

By switching to collection based on needs, there are examples of the number of routes that have more than halved, and that the investment in this new way of working has paid off is less than one year. Despite financial Return on Investment (ROI) from efficiencies and savings based on a reduction of collections there are other insights to gain.  With facts at hand sustainability reporting and mapping of assets and tracking is facilitated. Customer complaints, due to overfill, may reduce. Traffic may be minimized in congested places leading to positive feedback from citizens. These are some of the benefits to be considered in ROI calculations.

Technology for our environment

This product is targeting remote object that lack electric power is missing. It communicates using NarrowBand IoT a radio technology that combines low power with optimum coverage, even in rural areas. In fact the technology even provide underground coverage enabling CargoBeacon 120 to be used in under ground applications such as level measuring of water wells. Considerably lower energy consumption than traditional mobile telephony systems provides long maintenance intervals, which will benefit both you and the environment. CargoBeacon 120 should be able to report valuable data for years, without maintenance.


Measuring fill-level of garbage bins, containers, boxes for sand and collection vessels for textiles. Optimize route planning to only empty vessels that need emptying. Understand when and how waste is created - with deeper insights you may work with proactive emptying, new offerings and you minimize the risk of overflowing vessels.

Modified: October 16, 2018

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