Have been mentioning the Startup AdVANce challenge a few times in our news archive. Now it is finally official!

In tough competition, CargoBeacon is one of only six startups that have been chosen to work with Mercedes-Benz Vans. During the autumn of 2017 CargoBeacon has been invited to Stuttgart to help Mercedes-Benz explore the use of beacons in the transportation of the future in a program called “Startup adVANce Challenge”.

The greatest risk for all goods in transit is the transportation-procedure itself.  From the moment goods leave a warehouse until they reach their final destination, there is little or no information on how they have been handled which can lead to waste, supply chain disruptions and customer dissatisfaction.

CargoBeacon changes this completely by providing a compact, easy to use, affordable and rugged solution for logging cargo environment data for multiple shipments.

Olov Hisved, CEO of CargoBeacon, explains what it means to work and develop their system together with Mercedes-Benz Vans

Tabea Ackva, Project Coordinator Startup adVANce Challenge, explains how they selected among the best ideas and why they want to work with CargoBeacon.

Tabea Ackva continues:

Find the press release here.


CargoBeacon Logger

Yeey!  CargoBeacon was mentioned by Annie Lööf as an example of many important Swedish companies and startups located in the rural Swedish countryside.

According to recent polls Annie is considered to be the most reliable Swedish politician. And yes, we are surely doing our very best to prove she is right about CargoBeacon and our success! Thanks Annie!

Sverige är som starkast när stad och land ges samma villkor att leva, växa och utvecklas. Den senaste tiden har delar av landsbygden omnämnts "skräpytor". Ett verdervärdigt begrepp som är långt ifrån såväl vår bild av landsbygden som verkligheten. Dela filmen för att visa att vi är många som känner stolthet över landsbygden och allt den har att erbjuda. Dela också gärna med dig av vilken som är din favoritplats i landet.

Publicerat av Annie Lööf Torsdag 23 februari 2017

The paper Fördel Edsbyn Alfta highlights the advantages about this small, but great region. It is being distributed within the region and to citizens that has moved to other parts of our country to study. They made a nice article about us and our startup journey. Read all about it here!

Mellansvenska handelskammaren is a part of the Swedish Chamber of commerce working for our region. Their news magazine, Global Utsikt, made a nice article on page 28 about CargoBeacon. Check it out here!

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