View and analyze data

Ok, so you've got your valuable logistics data. Time to analyze and communicate the results! You can work with the data in one or more ways, depending on your prerequisites and needs.


The CargoBeacon Portal is your first interface to the world of CargoBeacons. View graphs, setup additional users, work with thresholds and set alert limits.


The CargoBeacon platform has been designed for integration towards organizations Business Intelligence systems using APIs. It is built on HTTP Rest API enabling bi-directional communication between connected devices and your BI systems.

External dashboard for online visualization

Communicate overall goals and progress with our online external dashboard. The solution can easily be customized and adapted to visualize the parameters that are relevant for your organization.

Offline analysing in Excel

Data can easily be exported from the portal to Microsoft Excel. Use our template or your own. We provide a macro activated template adapted for work with continuous improvements.