Proximity Location solution

This is probably the most flexible and scalable solution on the market. The power of CargoBeacon Proximity Location lies in the variety of cost efficient, smartphone compatible tags and a super-simple roll out.

Besides our own tags we also adapt existing tags with some of the world’s leading suppliers. Tags are based on Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as BLE, a radio technology designed for low power use. It is compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets, WIFI-accesspoints, vehicles and basically all kind of devices found out there! We want all kinds of devices that surround our tags to provide gateway support – just to avoid the need for additional infrastructure installed.

No need for base stations or hardware gateways means a simple, or even super simple, roll-out achieved by using your existing infrastructure. Just stick the smart tag to any item or goods, install the app and off you go!


The app is is installed as a background activity and available for Android and iPhone. During the workday your smartphones will scan for tags in the surrounding environment and report current position, as acquired by the smartphone, to the cloud service. For fixed installations on places not suitable for smartphones we also provide hardware access points that does the same job.

Easily access location and status on your asset and goods from within your normal business systems. Our APIs use standardized and modern formats that can be easily integrated into most business systems of today. To start with and for small installations we recommend that you first try our web portal.