Precise Location solution

Precise Location complements Proximity Location by providing state-of-the art Real Time Location Services (RTLS) down to decimeter precision.

The CargoBeacon Precise Location complements the Proximity Location with higher accuracy and more frequent updates. With higher accuracy and more frequent updates this service is typically used indoors to work with one or more of flow planning, Inventory Control, Improved asset utilization, Performance Monitoring or to Identify and eliminate bottle necks.











For Precise Location support we partner with Quuppa Intelligent Locating System, a powerful technology platform for novel location based services and applications. It enables real-time tracking of with accuracy even down to decimeter precision. Locators, or access points, are installed in the roof. Together with an indoor map the exact position of all locators is provided to a location engine installed nearby. With known positions of all locators the location engine takes use of latest Bluetooth Low Energy standard working with Angle Of Arrival and Angle Of Departure to calculate exact positions of tags located in the room.

We can offer a range of tags supporting one or more of our location services. Follow your items from an indoor to an outdoor environment understanding not only where the item is located but also how it is being handled.

Are you more interested in understanding what our different location services can do for your business? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.