Monitor goods

Monitor your goods during transit or in storage. Get early notifications and understand if goods might be damaged in beforehand. Sensors customized according to your needs provide monitoring relevant to your operations.

We designed CargoBeacon to ensure transparency and to improve the quality of your operations and supply chain. Simply attach and activate the logger with the click of a button and off it goes.

The CargoBeacon solution uniquely combine historic and real-time data. Access to historic data, spanning across several shipments, is invaluable when working with continous improvements. By analysing and learning from previous shipment facts, you will get important clues on how to reduce waste and stay ahead of your competition. Real-time data is important to prevent shipments from being damaged. Generate alerts based on deviations in the cargo enviroment to remidy problems that may have occured during shipment.

  • Monitor your goods during transit or in storage. You get early notifications letting you know in beforehand if goods might be damaged or not.
  • Sensors customized according to your needs will provide monitor according to your needs.
  • Improve processes by analyzing valuable data
  • Combines real time and historic data. Take actions on non-conforming events to prevent damages to goods and work with historic data to understand trends and work with process improvements.

Our CargoBeacon® XM logger device is well suited for most use cases and is a good starting point to try out. We designed the sensors to handle both lightweight and heavy goods, with an accuracy of temperature and humidity measurements that exceed requirements for most verticals i.e. of food, medicines and industrial goods.

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Olov Hisved, CargoBeacon AB

Olov Hisved