Locate goods

Always keep track of your goods and assets, indoors or outdoors, using a gateway or existing smartphone – or both. Locate your goods and devices in real time – down to centimetre precision.

With a CargoBeacon loggers attached to to your goods numerous of ways are opened up to seamlessly locate your goods – all at low cost. Combine one or more of these different ways to track your assets and goods or even to retrieve a Real Time Location System (RTLS):

Stationary gateway

Let a stationary gateway device provide the position for your goods, indoors and outdoors. Suitable for warehouses, load carriers, entrance and exit doors or wherever needed. This will provide the goods position to the portal.

Use your existing infrastructure

Let employee smartphones do background scans for your belongings and provide positional data to the CargoBeacon cloud when found. No need for a base station – indoor and outdoor locations are easily managed without it. This method will also provide the goods position to the portal.

As CargoBecaon logger devices transmits a radio signal, readable by a smartphone, it can be used to understand the proximity to your goods. Locate your goods and devices down to metre precision using the embedded Received Signal Strength. A perfect way to point out what item you are locating, as you have reached the area pointed out by the portal. The prefect method to use when your crew is picking, delivering or trying to find your goods.

Integrate with other hardware

Using dedicated 3rd party base stations, the solution can automatically keep track of devices in storage with centimetre precision. This enables business systems not only to keep track of what is in your storage, but also give you the location of the goods. Great features when working with automatic warehousing, automated storage or retrieval systems.