Fill Level solution

Save the environment, save time and money by emptying, or filling, vessels only when needed. Our fill level solution automate measurements of the fill level. And you will find there is a lot to learn about customer behavior when analyzing data that is repeatedly collected. These insights are enabled only by measuring the exactly the same way several times per day, day by day and year after year.










So, how does it work? A distance sensor is installed inside the lid of the bin or container. The distance down to the object is calculated by a sonar; an ultrasonic (well above human hearing) beat is transmitted from the unit and the distance to target is determined by measuring the time required for the echo return. The target can vary but is often the surface of trash-bags, textiles or a surface of a fluid.  The sensor report the object distance in millimeters to the cloud service. To work with fill level in percent you simply provide the dimensions of the bin to the portal.

Communication is done through the latest generation of low power cellular network called Narrow Band IoT.  Considerably lower energy consumption than traditional cellular systems provide long maintenance intervals, which will benefit both you and the environment. Our distance sensors should be able to report valuable data for years, without maintenance.

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