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CargoBeacon is an information platform driven by small, reusable electronic devices aiming to facilitate industry 4.0 practices into operations and logistics. Here's what it can do.

CargoBeacon explained

CargoBeacon brings Industry 4.0 practices into operations and logistics. It helps you to monitor and locate your goods, to automate processes around the goods and automatically share valuable data between systems and companies.

CargoBeacon loggers are compact, easy to use, affordable and rugged devices that continuously communicate its existence and current status to the surrounding environment. The logger is fitted to your valuable goods and automatically communicates with your mobile device and gateways along the goods route to provide location and status information to the globally available CargoBeacon Portal. Data is easily integrated into your operations using APIs or our external dashboard for visualization.

With the CargoBeacon App and Portal service, users can globally access data from the logger and understand the goods expected condition without having to break open the packaging. Near real-time information, including coordinates for the goods whereabouts can be provided when using the app along the goods freight way.

Try it out! CargoBeacon XM has been made for operations and the cargo transportation industry to support monitoring of temperature, relative humidity and acceleration shock events. Data is stored with timestamps in order to analyse nonconforming events. It’s designed with low weight for easy attachment on any product by screwing, lashing or gluing.

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