How to synchronize

Did you receive a package including a CargoBeacon logger device? No worries – it is really easy to handle. Just follow these steps and you are right on track:

Synchronize the CargoBeacon logger device How to synchronize 1

  1. Download the CargoBeacon App for Android devices by following this link: 
  2. Open the app and it will automatically scan for available CargoBeacon logger devices.
  3. Select the device you wish to synchronize and the app will connect and Synchronie data. All done!

Login to the portal to enjoy the synchronized data.  If preferred you can select gateway mode in step 3 – this way all loggers will automatically stay synchronized.

Trouble shooting

I have synchronized the CargoBeacon logger. Now what?

If the shipment is done, we suggest you turn off the logger device and prepare it for reuse. Just press and hold the CargoBeacon logger button for 2 seconds. This will clear the internal memory and shut it down.

The app scans but I can not see any CargoBeacon loggers nearby?

  • Make sure the CargoBeacon logger device is active. If active, the LED:s should be flashing green.
  • Make sure you have enabled location (or positioning) on your smartphone. Android requires this to be enabled in order to scan for Bluetooth Low Energy Devices.This is how you do it:
    On your Android device, tap the gear icon » select location (se images below).
    How to synchronize 2 How to synchronize 3
Modified: November 5, 2019

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