CargoBeacon® Portal

The CargoBeacon Portal is the perfect analysis tool for key-account or quality departments working with continuous improvements and customer care. Any events registered by the CargoBeacon Loggers are visualized together with useful information such as location and time.

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Maintaining good relations

Moving valuable goods from one point to another involves a large number of people and businesses. In the case of failure or damaged goods a lot of time and money is often spent on investigating and negotiating. Time that instead should be spent on improvements. Knowing exactly what happened and when gives you, your partners and the insurance companies a good understanding of how to settle any claims, how to prevent it from happening again and how to evaluate different shipping and packaging methods.

Key features and benefits

  • Investigate Events → Temperature, humidity and shock/motion
  • Eliminate waste and improve quality
  • Analyze statistics using various sorting options
  • Find your biggest issues
  • Evaluate shipping alternatives
  • Keep track on freight times
  • Discover risks and trends
  • Create reports
  • And more …