CargoBeacon® App

The CargoBeacon app lets you understand the position and condition of your goods and items. Closing it down will put it into a background process - enabling the digital supply chain by providing position and status for items and goods surrounding you, or your employees, during the workday.


Surviving shutdown and reboots

The CargoBeacon app will scan for tags and loggers in its proximity and let you know when they last have been seen. As information is presented on the screen it is also being uploaded to the cloud side. We believe in a simple user interface and that much of its value is provided when running as background task.

Shut down the app and it will remain as a background task! It will maintain scanning for devices nearby while you are busy using the smartphone for other purposes. Even when your phone reboots or work with different power states the background task remain intact. We believe a simple but stable app is key to provide a reliable, easy to roll-out, alternative to hardware gateway devices.

CargoBeacon App


To respect GDPR and privacy concerns the only information stored about the Smartphone device on the cloud-side is a unique, randomized number that identifies one smartphone, or gateway, from another.

Your opinion matters

We truly see a great potential in this new way of providing track-and-trace at scale. You are most welcome to try out the pre-released Android app. Also, please let us know what you think!