CargoBeacon® 110

CargoBeacon 110 is small size, sticker like tag enabling you to track items, assets and goods in logistics with minimal effort.








Easily deploy by attaching the device using with double adhesive tape, pull the plastic tab and off you go!  With the CargoBeacon smartphone app and gateway it supports proximity positioning with a few meters’ precision – perfect for tracking of larger items or understanding which room a certain product is located in.

Approximately three months of battery life is provided with 60m open-air range using Bluetooth Low Energy advertisements. The device has a round, white design and weights only 5g using a coin cell battery that is easily replaceable after it has run out of power.

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Applications include asset tracking at scale, Industry 4.0 practices in logistics and real time tracking of part and full truck loads.

Technical specifications


Outdoor use: no

Proximity location support: yes

Precise location support: no

BLE 5.0 long range: no

Replaceable battery: yes


Temperature: yes

Accelerometer: no