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Connected tracker
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The CargoBeacon lab
October 11, 2017

Molded chassis on its way


After several iterations using rapid prototyping, new trials and new or additional requirements the chassis design is finally considered done! It has been a lot of work but quite worth the work of iterations and trials. Financing has...

The CargoBeacon lab
August 22, 2017

CargoBeacon now supporting historic deliveries


After intense work we are proud to present completely reworked portal pages. This time to include two of the more important features that have been requested by our customers. The first feature is to include and store historic data to be...

The CargoBeacon lab
November 20, 2016

New website online

Corporate, Product

Our new website online! Finally, our new web-page is on-line. With this we want to better communicate with you and our other customers and put focus on our product offer. Hope you like it too. Enjoy!...