Startup AdVANce – concept phase!

May 8, 2017  |  Got questions about this?

We are very happy to understand that we will get to try some good German beer and to visit Mercedes Benz Vans this summer! Since a couple of months back we have participated in a challenge potentially leading to become a Mercedes VANs supplier and getting good funding for the development of a common prototype. Among 200+ startups we have suggested what we should do and why we should do something together. After some refinements and interviews we have been selected among 90 others to the Alignment phase. Now even the alignment phase has been passed and we made it to the concept phase meaning we are one of about 10 of us left! One important step forward in the MB Vans Startup Advance challenge. This time we will be heading to Stuttgart to meet with our dedicated engineers to get to know each other and to further refine our ideas for a common prototype. At least we know there is good beer in Germany, but we have good hopes for more than beers.. :=) Wish us luck!