Scalable real time tracking

for this to work really well logistics- and TA-systems needs to understand the goods location - as near real time as possible. The system should also automatically understand when shipments have started and where they have arrived. Given that one bigger multinational company may have hundreds of thousands of shipments per year it is understandable that there is a great need for scalable track-and-trace solutions.

We are now happy to pilot CargoBeacon proximity location with an unnamed major company in the forest industry. A tag, such as CargoBeacon 111, is attached to the goods. With the CargoBeacon app installed, running as a background task, personnel involved in shipping continuously report current coordinates and status to our cloud service. In this case the truck driver has the app installed and with Geo-fencing algorithms shipment start and end events are handled.

Scalable real time tracking 1

There will not be one solution suitable for all challenges. But we definitely see a huge potential, especially in distribution where there is already an established relationship between the product owner and logistics provider.

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Modified: February 15, 2019

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