CargoBeacon integration for Industry 4.0 in logistics

As described in an earlier post the we have been running an integration project with Edsbyn office furniture during the autumn. Officially the project ends by December 31 even though we have some finalizing tasks to be handled first quarter 2018.

It is with great pleasure we can look back at the project and realize that all tasks have been about implementing Industry 4.0 in logistics. Basically industry 4.0 is all about automation and sharing data in manufacturing and logistics. According to Wikipedia Industry 4.0 is said to be built on four design principles;

  • Interoperability: The ability of machines, devices, sensors, and people to connect and communicate with each other via the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Information transparency: The ability of information systems to create a virtual copy of the physical world by enriching digital plant models with sensor data.
  • Technical assistance: First, the ability of assistance systems to support humans by aggregating and visualizing information comprehensibly for making informed decisions and solving urgent problems on short notice. Second, the ability of cyber physical systems to physically support humans by conducting a range of tasks that are unpleasant, too exhausting, or unsafe for their human co-workers.
  • Decentralized decisions: The ability of cyber physical systems to make decisions on their own and to perform their tasks as autonomously as possible. Only in the case of exceptions, interferences, or conflicting goals, are tasks delegated to a higher level.

First, to make Descentralized descisions you need access to historic data and APIs and as a first task the portal was adapted to support the access of historic records when using the same logger device over and over again.

Secondly, the app was adapted providing Technical assistance so that portal- and sensor data is used to determine and indicate the goods expected status when synchronizing the logger. This makes it easier to quickly understand if goods should be closely examined upon delivery to their distribution centers.

As a third addition APIs have been implemented enabling Information transparency and external ERP system to tie internal order and shipment numbers the specific logger being used. With additional intelligence on the ERP side one could also do decentralized decisions by letting the ERP system do manufacturing re-planing  based on information such as indication on damaged or delayed goods.

From the CargoBeacon side we are very proud to have been part of this project – implementing Industry 4.0 in logistics simply by enabling our vision to provide the most cost efficient solution to actively monitor your goods.

Modified: December 31, 2017

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