Congratulations to StableSure!

Congratulations to StableSure AB! Our friends at StableSure successfully closed their first big investment by the Chineese Atoso. Despite a hectic time schedule companies surrounding StableSure, like us, were able to present themselves four our Chineese guests. After traditional hand-shakes and signatures StableSure presented themselves together with ABB and their new robot YuMi. A collaborative robot we will see a lot in the coming years as it offers a great way to maintain high volume production of electronics even in high-cost countries such as Sweden. Check out the great products from StableSure here and good luck guys!

Modified: October 25, 2016

General information and sales:
Phone: +46 (0)271 808284

Visiting address:
Norra Ösavägen 11 A
822 40 Alfta, Sweden

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