Recognition of implements for loading and construction machinery

New improvements

The Scandinavian countries are leaders in advanced machine control. Here, new types of forestry machines have been invented hand in hand with modern forestry. The world leading brands still have their development and manufacturing of machines here. In the Construction segment, we find the development of tilt rotators as another example. In Sweden, the tilt rotator is in principle a must for excavator owners and contractors, while it is seen as a novelty in other markets.

Recognition of implements for loading and construction machinery 1
Tilt rotator

Here we find machines that handle lots of implements and tools where micro location services are used to enable new market opportunities.

For manufacturers of control systems and implements there is a desire to understand what implement that is connected to the machine - it is about increasing safety, streamlining operation and further automating the everyday life of the machine operator. Having an advanced sweeping roller with hydraulics and sensors mounted on your loader requires something completely different from the control system than a bucket. Add values ​​such as the understanding of how implements are handled during operation, what streets a certain implement was used on, the operating time for it, where it was left, where it was picked up and you will find many customer benefits in communicating with the implements.

So.. How do we do it?

For tools and implements we have the 23001 series of tags. It is specially made for tough environments. It may be bolted to an attachment and tell the surroundings year after year that "here I am".

Tag 23001
Tag 23001

The tag also provide information about how long the attachment has been moving or standing still. With this information at hand, smartphone technology can be used to supplement asset tracking and the machine can understand exactly what implement that is currently being installed.

On the machine we use the 3000 series gateway . It has been designed for tough environments, such as the boom-arm of an excavator or a wheel loader. GPS is combined with latest latest telecommunications technology to determine its position and communicate with the a cloud service. An additional radio is used to listen for equipment nearby. With a strategic placement outside the vehicle all antennas are hidden inside the enclosure with only a single cable needed for power and machine communications.

Unleashing new values

With this type of solution new business opportunities are being reviled both for the equipment manufacturer and the end customer.

The manufacturer my start working with digital software offerings around the location and condition of the machinery.

The end customer can might be enabled to to use time stamped positions as a basis for billing his customers. He can happily use his smartphone, or machinery, to find the location of assets and get an understanding when time for service based on the equipment utilization rather then past calendar time.

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Modified: January 31, 2022

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