New business areas for truck bodybuilders

The truck market is more complex than understood by most of us. Brands such as Volvo, Scania and MAN are only the tip of an iceberg in the value chain. There is a vast number of companies around the world being bodybuilders to create vehicles exactly as needed for their regional professional market. The basis is often a “near standard” truck that is adapted into an american emergency rescue vehicle, a vehicle for de-icing airplanes, a tanker truck, a timber truck and so on. Yes, you probably get it.

In basically all of these professional markets, we find good use for micro location services:

Firetruck equipment
  • Emergency vehicles, such as the fire truck, have lots of equipment in the form of road side warning signs, fire extinguishers, packages of extra hose and hand tools. Nobody wants the firetruck to have forgotten to pack of extra hose package when there is an emergency.
Timber truck with log trailer
  • The timber truck and the truck with trailer have goods anchoring materials such as straps, poles and chains that cost a lot of money. Anchoring material should not be forgotten when loading or offloading and while driving you, above all, want to understand that the load is properly secured and that nothing happened to the anchoring.

We find that the industry's main problem is the lack of open telematic solutions and knowledge about micro location services. Since decades there are already many suppliers for vehicle telematics equipment but.. In principle everyone supporting the fleet management market where vehicle data, possible together with asset information, is lifted from the vehicle straight up to the cloud and presented from there. But what happens if coverage is lacking? We find that cloud side information often is too unreliable for the professional market.

We do things differently - our focus is tracking non-powered assets. This applies indoors, outdoors and inside a vehicle. With CargoBeacon's solutions, we let drivers and employees understand where things are even without cellular connectivity. Our vehicle gateway, specially designed for professional vehicles, allows a bodybuilder to integrate functions around non-powered equipment and let the vehicle in real time understand whether equipment is loaded or not. Regardless of whether there is a cloud connection or not. Of course, our gateway also has built-in positioning and cloud connectivity to connect vehicle provided services with the cloud and apps.

Reflections or challenges? Do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Modified: February 1, 2022

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