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High-tech glass worth monitoring

A challenge for the automotive industry is the management of windscreens. They are expensive, they are heavy, they are part of the car's safety and they are fragile. When they are delivered with some kind of damage, it immediately causes problems. In some cases there is an end customer who left the car to the workshop and planned a change of windshield which will be cancelled at short notice. When assembled in the factory, the windshield is often an ordered item, adapted for a specific car, which imposes security stocks in order not to disturb production. Since the product is generally handled with trucks and cranes and occasionally located on warehouse without supervision, it is difficult to understand when the damage occurred with liability always falling on vehicle manufacturer.

By installing CargoBeacon together with the supplier of windscreens, you can immediately benefit from several advantages. From producers of car glass, deliveries are normally handled using racks where several windscreens are placed in row, inside the rack, where they are well protected from smaller accidents caused by fork-lifts but relatively unprotected from above. As they are placed in a row it is particularly difficult to get an overview of Windscreens that are in the middle of the rack as they are being obscured by windscreens on the sides of it.

By attaching CargoBeacon loggers to individual windscreens, the condition for all individual windscreens in a rack or in storage can be ensured by the glimpse of an eye. The information is made available on portable devices in real time and on the portal from which data is exported to an external control panel and, in the long run, also visualised in the company's material planning system. For logistic flows where windshields are delivered to brand workshops, CargoBeacon helped out to setup a return logistics program for used loggers. For windscreens delivered to the factory internal processes ensure that used loggers gets back to the windscreen supplier again.

What is in it for you?

Mainly by adjusting thresholds for shock and temperature late detection of broken windscreens has in principle ceased. In cases where damage occurred, the responsible party has easily been found, new orders have been made and damaged goods have been handled through normal procedures of claims, repair and/or disposal. In conjunction with the commissioning of CargoBeacon and the months after, a number of process improvements were made which reduced the number of damages to the extent that Return of investment in CargoBeacon was expected after in 12 months. In addition, the brand stores are more satisfied as they can, to a greater extent than before, rely on delivered windscreens to be delivered as expected, without damage.

Even if you have not been affected by a work shop cancelling your time slot on short notice due to broken goods you might have come across similar challenges, where products are found to be defective at a very bad time.

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Modified: January 31, 2022

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