Build more efficient, environmentally friendlier and better businesses with real-time and historic data around position and movements for goods, tools and load carriers.

CargoBeacon explained

CargoBeacon is an information platform enabling you to digitize assets and supply chains. It helps you to locate, monitor and automate processes around the goods and automatically share valuable data between systems and companies.

There are many different supply chains with different requirements. This is why CargoBeacon bundle different solutions into one information platform.

The basis is our Proximity location service – our most scalable solution to provide real time position and status. Perfect for keeping track of load carriers such as roll cages, pallets, plastic bins or finished goods on your premises. No additional infrastructure is needed as tracking is performed through a background service running in the smartphone of employees.

Same tags and loggers may also support Precise location enabling you to understand the internal flow of goods and items such as fork lifts. This lets you track work in progress material, work with warehouse optimizations, automate cycle counts and much more.

An overview of your items is provided by the CargoBeacon Portal providing data that is easily integrated into your daily business systems using APIs.

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