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Digitizing value chains

CargoBeacon makes Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) available to more, using innovative and affordable technology.
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Digitized material flow analysis
Digitize your material flow with CargoBeacon precise location. With continuous material flow analysis real-time-data and historic data will always be available, prefect for your daily control board. With facts clearly visible it becomes easy to get everyone onboard and prioritize your work around continuous improvements.
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Tracking pallets and trays at scale
Load carriers, such as pallets, trays and boxes are often used by many industries and might be counted for in thousands of units. With large amounts keeping track of them has not really been feasible - until now.
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Working with finished goods
Finished goods are goods that have been assembled and completed by a manufacturing process, or even purchased in a completed form, but which have not yet been sold to customers. There are many reasons to tag finished goods as it brings transparency to the journey from your production hall and potentially all the way to your customer.
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Recognition of implements for loading and construction machinery
Micro location services in advanced machinery reviles new business opportunities for equipment manufacturers and end customers .
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New business areas for truck bodybuilders
The truck market is more complex than is often understood. Different markets have different requirements and in addition there are a number of companies that work as bodybuilders to create vehicles as needed for different professional markets based on a near standard truck. With micro location services we help to create new opportunities for end users and thus enabling new business opportunities for the industry of bodybuilders.
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Monitoring of car glass
Did you ever think about your vehicle windscreen as a high tech, sensitive product? It might be worth rethinking. Learn how CargoBeacon can help you take control and streamline the logistics chain. Less damage – less costs.
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