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The team of founders comes from the Swedish countryside where quality of life is judged to be among the best in the world. We work for and prioritize working with smart solutions that simplify your work and does good for the environment and your business.


A quiet revolution is ongoing. Our phones, that almost every one of us carries, become multi-tool Swiss army knives. Gadgets around becomes more communicative and intelligent while also getting cheaper. This opens up for new solutions in many places around us and we are now on the threshold where many traditional business models needs to be reconsidered due to this. CargoBeacon's mission is to find these opportunities and develop new, better solutions while maintaining a smile on our customer's face.



The company is owned by the founders that all have solid backgrounds in product cargo-beacon.comelopment and production of industrial electronics. Competent and trustworthy suppliers and partners are part of our network and whenever possible, without having to compromise on either quality or cost, we try to use local suppliers. We believe in doing good and that providing happiness around us will build CargoBeacon stronger for the future.



CargoBeacon is located in Hälsingland, a part of Sweden characterized by a rural setting offering proximity to nature and putting pride into our world class quality of life. There is also a wide network of suppliers to the nearby industries in this region. We want our products to help us all sustain a better environment through more efficient use of our resources and minimized waste.

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Mikael Karlsson, CargoBeacon AB

Mikael Karlsson

Head of SW design


Daniel Lindberg, CargoBeacon AB

Daniel Lindberg

Head of production


CargoBeacon AB

VAT NO: SE556983233901

General information and sales:
Phone: +46 (0)70 270 98 09

Visiting address:
Norra Ösavägen 11 A
822 22 Alfta, Sweden

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