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We love to grow together with you! Solving real problems for real customers with your requirements! We are constantly in discussions with the industry to meet current requirements from low-cost and stripped down loggers to high-end capable ones with stand-alone positioning and reporting. All with the purpose of providing the most cost efficient way to monitor your cargo!

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CargoBeacon XS

Looking for lowest cost cargo logger solution?

We often start of our discussions based on CargoBeacon XS. The logger is optimized for large volumes of goods as it can be adapted to meet your exact requirements at lowest possible cost. CargoBeacon XS is our smallest and cheapest goods logger but still with remained functionality – to communicate the goods location and expected condition enabled by the CargoBeacon gateway. Perfect for monitoring your volumes of goods that are sensitive to any of temperature or humidity. Also perfect if you want to automate notification tasks of goods loading, unloading, arrival and similar activities.

Logistic problems, or non-conformances, are regarded as a big environmental problems. Broken goods or unexpected delays often result in stressful situations where new express orders are laid, the old product might be scrapped and a new one produced with a following express-delivery. These express deliveries might use a dedicated courier and/or air-shipments with big C02 emissions. Not to talk about the work environment – we all want to work with a peace of mind and that usually happens when things go as planned. CargoBeacon aims to minimize these types of events by allowing you to improve your logistics and minimize these non-conforming events.

CargoBeacon XS is light-weight and a small logger designed to minimize the negative environmental impact as much as possible from the beginning. It is made from recycled plastics and of course without conflict minerals or led. We encourage to reuse CargoBeacon XS in your logistics. Just talk to us if your need help with return services! When reaching end of product life CargoBeacon XS is easy to disassemble so that battery, circuit board and chassis can be recycled piece by piece. We can even help out with these tasks!

CargoBeacon XLs

Are you transporting volumes of bulky goods internationally?

No matter if full or partial truck loads are being used, bulky goods is normally not handled in terminals. This means tracking information gets lost as the goods is being transshipped towards its final destination. For Just In Time deliveries this is a big problem.

CargoBeacon XLs tracks your goods from point A to point B no matter where in the world it is heading. It has been optimized for low-cost and to provide rough coordinates a few times per day so that you, together with your customer, can understand where the goods is located and plan your activities accordingly.

Are you more looking into solutions to cheaply monitor your international goods? Maybe truck load

CargoBeacon XL

Looking for maintenance free cargo logging solutions and wants to know the location and expected condition of your goods?

CargoBeacon XL is maintenance free for up to 10 years and dedicated to let you know its expected condition and whereabouts! This is done by using a unique approach where technologies as GPS, WIFI and carrier network is combined to always provide you the goods location at best effort. No matter the goods is stored indoors in a terminal, in transit inside a truck or wrapped in inside a package! Perfect if you use reusable load carriers. Just attach CargoBeacon XL to your load carriers and let it become part of your return flow.

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