CargoBeacon is designed for the cargo transportation industry to support logging of temperature, relative humidity and acceleration shock events. The data is stored with timestamps in order to analyse nonconforming events. It’s designed with low weight for easy attachment on any product by screwing, lashing or gluing.

With the CargoBeacon App and Portal service, users can globally access data from the device and understand the goods expected condition without having to break open the packaging. Near real-time information, including coordinates for the goods whereabouts can be provided when using the app along the goods freight way.

Solution overview:

CargoBeacon Logger

A compact IoT data logger device
specifi­cally developed to monitor the environment for cargo, where logging of tempera­ture, relative humidity and shocks is the key. It is lightweight and is designed for easy deployment in the field.


CargoBeacon App

Your interface between the CargoBeacon Logger and the CargoBeacon Portal. It presents and transmits environmental data from the logger to the portal, manually or auto­matically. The app also lets you to change logger settings.


CargoBeacon Portal

The perfect analysis tool for key-account or quality departments working with continuous improvements and customer care. Any events registered by the CargoBeacon Loggers are visualized together with useful information such as location and time.